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    What's Coming?
       In Matthew 22, Jesus is again approached with a question regarding marriage.  If you read the end of verse 28, the intent of the questioners is revealed by their words: ”for they all had her”.  The intent of the questioner is make nothing of the woman; to put her down and make her no more than a piece of property handed down, used over and over.  But my God, my Savior is unafraid of men who carry this type of thinking in their hearts.  He deals directly with them in verse 29. You are in error/mistaken.  (That is not what  marriage is about) You do not know the Scriptures.  (You lack understanding of the Word.) You do not know the Power of God.  (You are carnal; not led by the Holy Spirit)  He teaches the truth of Scripture.  Marriage is for the earth.  It is not eternal. In heaven, those who are resurrected will be like the angels of God. The resurrected will be alive and unmarried to each other. After this, the crowd was shocked and the questioners were silenced.  Being married or single has no bearing on the eternal life with God.